Clinical Molecular Oncology

“Molecular Clinical Oncology” is a novel discipline translating biology into medicine. Targeting single genetic lesions can interfere with tumor growth notwithstanding the multitude of genetic alterations harbored by cancers. This has given an unprecedented clinical value to the concept that cancer is a disease of genes, a dogma in molecular oncology that is now practically exploited by clinicians to set up novel classifications of tumors based on the presence of defined genetic lesions. Thanks to these advances, the idea of giving a patient a drug tailored to the genetic makeup of the tumor is becoming commonplace.

Despite encouraging success, much remains to be done in terms of patient genotyping and stratification, identification of prognostic biomarkers, and investigation of mechanisms of drug resistance. This conference will address these issues from bench to bedside in five plenary sessions, spanning genetics, molecular biology, cancer stem cell biology, molecular diagnosis and prognosis. The ultimate goal of personalized cancer therapies will be discussed and mechanisms of resistance to target therapies will be addressed.

AIRC Special Program in Clinical Molecular Oncology
Translation of research into clinical procedures of real benefit to the patient.


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